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Jerry Rossť


Greenwich Village, New York


Incised Rossĕ, Greenwich Village, NY.

Jerry Rossĕ was born in New York State to parents of French heritage. For a portion of his childhood, he lived in a Catholic orphanage. He suffered paralysis to the lower half of his body from contracting polio. Initially, an accountant, he progressed into art during the Depression, as a relatively self-taught artist. His work was created from a basement apartment of a multistory home, where he housed his kiln and had a studio/gallery entrance for his patrons. His work in ceramics are primarily made from molds, where he completed the original design and then produced series from said design. He used original formulated glazes. Jerry was solicited by Macy's and other large department stores to sell his work, which he refused, as he wanted to maintain sole distribution of his design. His work is both functional and sculptural in content, where his design is very imaginative and outstanding in both form and glaze. He was a regular exhibitor at the Greenwich Village Outdoor Show in the 1940's and 1950's.

Historical information provided by Jerry's granddaughter Maggie Mayfield of Pulaski, Tennessee and daughter Annamae Doyle of Hicksville, New York on April 13, 2009, via telephonic communication.



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