Deep in the woods of southern TN , if you look carefully you may find...

     The quaint little shop of JT Pottery.  

And if you were to sneak up to the window and peer inside you just might see the two little elves Jeff and Maggie Mayfield hard at work making pottery.  First you would see them weighing many different clay bodies and mixing them together so that they would create their own unique red stoneware clay body. After that they begin the long process of removing all the air bubbles from their  clay , When that arduous task has been completed they can finally get down to the business of CREATING POTTERY!!!

            You must be careful not to make any noise or the dogs will hear you and the the little elves will stop what they are doing.

If that happens you won't get to see Jeff or Maggie throwing each pot on the wheel. If you disturb them you will miss the other of the two removing the already thrown pieces from a big box that keeps them wet and begin to sculpt a flower on the front or possibly all the way around the pot! It's so fun to watch they just start with little tiny balls of clay and form them into petals and stamens and leaves and.... well just every single design that is on all their pottery, Stars and moons, leaves and of course flowers. Everybody knows that the elves make the flowers!    

        Sometimes, but not very often so you'll have to be very lucky, you just might see the two of them making pottery out of slabs of clay, Oh, that is so interesting! You will have to be very lucky and come at just the right time to see that though! The first thing you will see will be the elf Jeff mixing even more clay together...but not too much just enough and just right. Then they will get a big piece of pipe off the floor and roll out a medium size slab of clay. Out of that slab they will cut out shapes to make into pots!

        After all the pots have been made and they are really dry you will see the elves checking all the pots just to make sure that there aren't any sharp places and every thing is smooth. After that they will put them into what looks like a big silver oven, but is really a kiln, Kilns go up to thousands and thousands of degrees. When it comes out the first time it will be all orange. That's when the elves (usually Jeff) will put the glaze on the pottery. All the glaze looks the same until after it comes out of the kiln again, so you have to remember what color went on what. It's OK that you missed Jeff actually mixing the glazes together. You might have been able to get the secret formula, maybe! But if you missed it, watching glaze being made is boring! Anyway after it is all glazed the elves wipe off everywhere they don't want glaze to be and then fire it in the kiln again, a little longer this time. And then it is done!

    So if you were quiet and lucky you got to see how the pottery is made!~by Maggie

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