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Here is how we throw a mug on the potters wheel.

First the bat is wetted slightly and the ball of clay is dropped firmly in the center of the bat~


Next, wet the clay with slip~


Turn the wheel on and press the clay inward with hands on either side of the ball of clay~


 While pressing inward with both hands, begin to put more pressure at the base of the ball of clay causing the clay to move inward and upward~


After the clay is "coned up"  with left hand  push the clay downward and inward to achieve the "  "centering" of the clay~


Now the ball of clay is in the center of the bat, with the heal of right hand indent the middle of the clay. With one thumb on top of the other thumb press downward toward the bat to achieve the beginning of the base of the mug~


With right hand holding the clay use the fingers of the left hand to create the bottom of the mug by curling the middle two fingers toward the palm flattening the clay across as you go~


Use the fingers to compress the bottom of the mug then,

With the first knuckle of the right index finger, start at the base of the clay and move upward using the left hand to pull the clay into a thick wall.


Press the lip down and pull the wall higher. Using the tip of the finger sometimes gives more control~


And higher.


And even higher...


And pull the wall one more time this time, try for a little shape.


Go easy on the shaping, a little push goes a long way!


Take  hands off the clay GENTLY a tiny jerk will throw the mug off center

Some finishing touches to the shape AND...


Needle off the base, all through. Put that one aside to dry and start again! Practice makes perfect!!!



That is how we throw a pottery mug from a ball of clay.

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