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Thanks so much. As soon as I saw your web site and work, I knew I would enjoy working with you *:"> blushing


I bought a piece of your pottery (cut-out iris vase) at the Germantown Festival last Fall. You probably don't remember me, but wanted to let you know that my students are starting their pottery classes this week and I want a few of my most advanced kids to try something similar. We are using a low-fire "stoneware" but it is much sturdier than the earthenware talc, so hope it will work! I will show them my treasured iris vase as an outstanding example!! I love it! You are inspiring the next generation of young potters. Hope to see you in September.


Hi Jeff and Maggie!

I just visited your booth at the Bloomin' Festival this weekend and was delighted to meet you both. I'm the lady who ordered a communion chalice and bowl with the fish design. I purchased a couple of goblets from you yesterday and I wanted to see what you had on your website. What fun! Love what you did with your site, the stories, photos, etc. Anyway, I regret I didn't also buy the goblet with the oak leaves and acorns. So, I think I need to add more to my order. Man, am I glad I don't live near you, I'd be broke (smile). I would like to add a dark blue goblet with flowers (dogwoods or any other suggestion you might have?) and the oak leaf/ acorn design goblet (not sure what the color was, a sort of multi-hued tan?) to my order if that's ok. I'm also thinking about a mixing bowl set but not sure how to describe the color/design without sending pics. I'll worry about that later. My best wishes to you both in your life and work,



I accidentally stumbled across your website while researching a piece of your grandfather's pottery that I purchased last weekend. Your website is very nice, and I especially enjoyed reading your mom's poetry that embodies the spirit of handicraft for me as well.

Best wishes, Sue

Hi Jeff,  

Just wanted to let you know I received my mugs and they are perfect!!!!
Did not realize how much I had missed having my coffee in them, so thanks ever
so much.  Hope to see ya'll at Ketner's Mill this year.  


I bought a candle handle from you at the Ketner's Mill Festival this weekend, It is so beautiful!!! I have been looking for a piece for my new home and I found the perfect piece from you. I would love to purchase another piece also I love your work so much. I have many pottery piece and I ONLY buy pieces that are very different and of course beautiful! Your pottery more than fit's both. For anyone who is looking at your work online to buy a piece, If You Think The Pieces Look Pretty Online When You Get It Home You Won't Believe Your Eyes, They Are That BEAUTIFUL!!! WELL WORTH IT!!! Very Talented People!!! I hope to be able to visit your shop someday and see more of your work. I'm the lady that you were talking to about fishing with the two little boys, you told me you went fishing and caught a shirt!

Loved seeing you at the Yellow Daisy. I bought from your Mom back when she attended this show. Glad to see you have continued the hand carved decorations. Now I have your web site I'll not miss you again.


10-22-08 Bought my pottery from you @ Ketner's after seeing you @ Prater's the week before. Love my pottery and they look great in my new house! Thanks for being so generous with your time and answering my questions. You were very kind. Love all my new stuff!


You guys make great pottery, thanks for being such great artists.  Look forward to getting the pottery.


    Oh my goodness, I have seen tons of pottery but I must say with all honesty this is the far most best, I got to have some!!!


    Met you today at the Ketner's Mill Fair.  I love my celestial vase (blue glaze, sun).  Thanks for the conversation and the beautiful art work, too.  I have a deep love for pottery and the work of your hands is wonderful.  Looking forward to seeing you both again and purchasing more of your fine pieces.

Chris R., from Chattanooga

by way of South Central Pa.

   I love the pieces I bought. Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



    In 1981 my husband and I bought our first piece of pottery from Maggie at the Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain,  Georgia.  Every year after that we tried to hit each craft show where you guys were participating.  We would buy at least one piece of her Pine design every time we found y'all.  It became a very sentimental thing for us to buy at least that one piece of pine pottery (in financial good times and bad - we would buy much more when we could) each year.

    For some reason, we lost touch with where Maggie would be.  I googled many times over the years and could not find the pottery any where.  (I am going to look at my last dated piece after I send this email).  This morning doing the dishes I decided to try again....AND HERE YOU ARE!  We want to come to your next show and replace some of the pieces that have broken over the years and buy new ones!  I know we can order via the web but we like to purchase live!


    Glad to see you are still in business. We have looked for a long time to find someone who makes the clay as wonderful as you do, there is no one else that we have found. Thanks.


    I love my pottery mugs they are great for drinking coffee and driving nails, (when the mug is empty of course).


    Leave us a comment and we will post it in a day or three. (As soon as I can get time from potting!)

E-mail Your comments to us.

Clay and the Bible

    Rom. 9: 21 Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honor, and another unto dishonor?

    Job 33:5-7 If you can answer me, Set your words in order before me;  Take your stand.  Truly I am as your spokesman before God; I also have been formed out of clay. Surely no fear of me will terrify you, Nor will my hand be heavy on you.

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