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Here is how we make our pottery:

bulletFirst we weight out the proper amount of each of the three clay's we use.
bulletThen we hydrate and mix the powdered clay to the correct moisture content.
bulletNow we begin the process of mixing the three clays together.
bulletNext we de-air the clay using a pug mill.
bulletAfter the clay is de-aired it must age about a week.
bulletThen we weight out the clay and make it in to a ball.
bulletNow we can throw the clay into the desired shape.
bulletAfter the clay has been thrown we set it aside to dry. (1 to 7 days)
bulletWhen the clay is leather hard we re-center it on the wheel upside down and trim the bottom.
bulletNext we use a scalpel and/or a hook to design the clay vessel.
bulletNow it's time to hand pull the handles. (Hand pulled handles are a stronger handle.)
bulletThen put on the handle if the vessel needs one.
bulletThe clay is set aside to dry for 2 to 3 weeks.
bulletWe then load the dry greenware into the kiln.
bulletAnd fire the clay to about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.
bulletAfter the kiln cools off we check for sharp spots.
bulletThen glaze the bisque ware with the glaze we make using rare earths.
bulletWe dip the bisque ware in a bucket of glaze.
bulletAnd set it aside to dry. (10 minutes to 24 hours)
bulletScrape the glaze off the places we don't want it.
bulletWipe off the rest of the glaze off those same places with a sponge.
bulletTouch up, with a glaze covered paint brush, those places we wiped off the glaze accidentally.  
bulletNow we can load the kiln and turn this dirt covered bisque ware into pottery.
bulletWe fire the kiln to 2295 degrees Fahrenheit
bulletLet cool
bulletUnload the kiln and inspect the finished stoneware.

That is how we make our hand thrown pottery step by step.  The process usually takes about six to eight weeks depending on the weather.

We also make some slab items like wallpots, necklaces, earrings, and mudmen. 

We make dinner sets, wedding sets, communion sets, baby sets, and just about any other set!!


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